Why Service your Air Conditioner?

  • Our skilled technicians can promptly identify anything causing inefficient operation and correct it. Quite often this can be done during a service at no additional cost, yet saving you money every time you run your Air Conditioner for years to come. See our gallery for examples.
  • Our full service offer for $139 is also perfect if you suspect something is amiss with your Air Conditioning. Its a cost effective way to identify any faults and provide you with an accurate diagnosis and quote for repair if needed.

The Air Conditioner above was performing poorly while using excessive energy due to the restricted airflow, in this case caused by pet hair.  

Moulds, fungi and certain bacteria can lead to health problems when inhaled. We often find these organisms in Air Conditioning systems due to the moisture created. Our service targets this microbial growth keeping your air fresh. 

"Icing up" occurs when the gas pressures drop causing the temperature of the pipes to fall below freezing. Although the Air Conditioning may still seem to be doing its job, its only a matter of time before it shuts itself down. Low gas levels, if not repaired, can lead to major system failure. 

Blocked filters can cause a range of issues with your Air Conditioner. Fortunately cleaning them is easy and with the anti-bacterial treatment you're sure to breathing easy.

Loose connections, damaged or perished ducting can result in wasted energy and poor performance. In this instance we replaced the perished duct with a high quality energy efficient flexible duct.

Book your Air Conditioner service for $139

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