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Ensuring the climate you want inside your St Andrews property

While it’s terrific to be able to spend so much time out-of-doors, we know that our local Sydney climate can be a little too much at times. Harshly hot, stiflingly humid, even thoroughly cold – these are the moments when you most appreciate the service provided by your air conditioning system. And the service provided by our Bettmon HVAC team whenever required!

Air conditioning installation, repair, service in St Andrews

Air conditioning opportunities grasped or problems solved

The opportunity to choose a new air con system might come about through the move to a new property, a home renovation or business revamp, or simply the fact that your current system might have reached the end of its effective lifespan.

To make such an important decision, our Bettmon team are happy to visit your location and carry out a property inspection, from top to bottom, to carefully assess your air conditioning requirements. This is entirely obligation-free on your part.

Armed with this knowledge, we are happy to discuss possible options, such as a split air conditioning system, or a multi one, the choice of ducted air conditioning, or sub-floor ventilation system. Then, we can consider a range of world class manufacturers, all aware of our unique Australian climate and its needs. Possibilities can include Fujitsu, Panasonic, Actron, Mitsubishi, Kelvinator, Daikin, LG or Samsung.

Air con emergencies, breakdowns or failures professionally dealt with in St Andrews

Over the years, it is likely that any air conditioning system will suffer the occasion blip in its effectiveness. This is when we quickly realise how much we rely on it! If your system fails, or is not working properly, the good news is that our highly experienced HVAC specialists operate 24/7; allowing us to prioritise getting your system back to where it should be.

Air Con Maintenance

Checking and servicing your St Andrews system to avoid future worries

It pays, and offers peace-of-mind, to have an air conditioning system professionally serviced and maintained throughout its working life. Our experts can spot minor problems before they morph into serious worries. These can include potential leaks and blockages, perished ducts, drainpipe problems or loose connections. We can also clean filters, check the gas levels and inspect electric components. A thorough service helps to extend the life of your system and make sure it is running cost-effectively.

A man in blue doing wirings

Bettmon and you – an operational guide

When you contact our team, there are keys to the way we work for you:

  • Our quotations are obligation-free; offering a fixed, no-extras, competitive price
  • We arrive at an agreed time, work without fuss, clean up thoroughly when we’re done
  • Our work is backed up with substantial warranties

A family business for over 20 years, our friendly and dedicated, hand-picked and extensively trained team of HVAC professionals are all licensed electricians. Our company is fully insured and registered with the industry-leading Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC). We have extensive experience of, and expertise at working in, a huge range of locations, such as St Andrews, throughout Sydney and our suburbs.

Many past Bettmon clients call us first when future work is required. We also receive many favourable testimonials and Google Reviews – and are regularly recommended to neighbours, family members and friends.

So what air con services do you require?

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