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Trusted air conditioning manufacturers for over fifty years

Daikin split and ducted air conditioning systems, are crafted by air conditioning specialists who know the extreme climate of the Sydney area, have a manufacturing plant based here, and appreciate our specific air con needs. Their aim is comfort – delivering clean and superior solutions for where we live, work and enjoy ourselves. A range of Daikin products, any of which can be installed or serviced by Bettmon, have been awarded the revered Australia Made certification. Their split systems also carry the blue butterfly mark from the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice® programme.

Daikin Air Con Repairs

Daikin air conditioning repairs undertaken by experienced Bettmon technicians

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Daikin air con repairs by Bettmon, for any ducted, split or other system. There will eventually come a time when repairs become necessary to maintain the high quality results you expect from an air con system. This is even true of the superb products offered by Daikin. Our experienced and friendly Bettmon team can carry out assessments and repairs at truly competitive rates and to the highest of professional standards.

It’s never wise simply to hope that faults will just correct themselves. Instead, leaving them tends to lead to further problems – and more expensive repair bills than would have been originally necessary. For the last two decades and more, our Bettmon team has been the trusted choice of so many, right across the city of Sydney and our many suburbs.

Air Con Maintenance

Air con maintenance for your Daikin system helps avoid those breakdowns

Breakdowns can leave you at the mercy of our Australian climate – allowing stifling heat, or even freezing cold, to become your miserable companion until the repair is completed. To help avoid such misery, it pays to ask Bettmon to service and maintain your Daikin system.

As well as ensuring smooth running, tiny faults such as blocked pipes, loose connections or damaged ducts can be dealt with even before you know that, further down the line, you would have a serious problem. Professionally serviced, your air con system can continue to provide the quality air control that your home or business needs.

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Bettmon: the choice of so many for installation, repair or maintenance

Key reasons for this include:

  • After you contact us, we will take the time to carefully inspect your property to ensure effective installation; or assess the current system’s service or repair needs. Only after a thorough explanation and discussion will we deliver our quotation. This will be a highly competitive fixed price, with no further extras, and the quote is completed with no obligation on your part
  • When you authorise us to go ahead, our professional service commitment means that we will turn up when we say we will, and clean up completely after ourselves once the installation, maintenance or repair is fully completed and tested. Of course, all our work is delivered with excellent warranties
  • We have two decades of experience in homes of all sizes, plus offices, shops, learning or health establishments, retail units, restaurants and other leisure or commercial facilities in so many locations throughout Sydney
  • Bettmon work is fully insured and our team of HVAC installation, maintenance and repair professionals deliver a first class service. We undergo comprehensive training and each member of our team is a licensed electrician and we are also Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) registered

Over the years, many of our clients have used us whenever needed, be it for an air con install, repair or service. Our 24/7 service is particularly valuable when a breakdown occurs! Many have also provided positive testimonials and personal recommendations to family, friends and colleagues. We also rate highly with our Google Reviews.

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