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Providing cool comfort for both homes and workplaces

Providing cool comfort for both homes and workplacesEvaporative air con systems cool the air to a desired temperature through the evaporation of water. In this process, water can absorb good amounts of heat, helping the temperature to drop, often quite significantly, as the liquid turns into vapour. This is an energy efficient method for delivering a comfortable and clean air climate. In fact, variations of this process have been in use for thousands of years!

Evaporative Air Con System Sydney

Cooling the indoor air as a relief to outdoor heat!

Using this system delivers a pleasant alternative to those roasting hot outside temperatures. Our Bettmon technicians, before completing your obligation-free quotation, will spend time assessing your location and discussing the options for delivering the cool and clean indoor climate you’re looking for.

Key areas for assessment

A range of considerations are taken into account to provide you with the most effective of outcomes. Such factors usually include the size, location and layout of your property. How it is used is also a key – whether it’s your family home, a series of residential apartments, or a commercial, retail, educational, leisure or other venue.

We also know that a balance between the outlay on an evaporative air conditioning system and its running costs will be important to you. We are noted for providing honest and straightforward advice and reasoned recommendations.

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Ducted Evaporative Cooling Maintenance

Benefiting from Bettmon’s installation and maintenance expertise

When choosing a company to install their evaporative air con system, many clients choose our experienced, friendly and professional Bettmon team. With two decades of experience, and trusted by so many repeat clients, we are also so thankful for their many recommendations to family, friends and colleagues. We put our hard-earned expertise into every project. Check out our testimonials and Google reviews!

The starting point

Right from the start, we are so customer-focused. Our free quotation is delivered after a visit to your location. We inspect all areas – including some places such as under-roof, crawl spaces, cellars and storage that others give only a cursory glance to.

We discuss your location and the options fully with you and then deliver that obligation-free quote. It offers an affordable fixed price, no hidden extras, and the kind of substantial warranties that you should always expect.

Our HVAC installers are highly qualified licensed electricians and extensively trained for work covering both residential and commercial locations. We choose products from the names you know, those leading manufacturers, including Samsung, LG, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic, Kelvinator, Actron, Fujitsu and others. Bettmon is Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) registered and fully insured.

Considering an evaporative air conditioning system for your Sydney property?

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