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Everything you need to know


If you see any error codes on the controller or unusual flashing lights please note them down and call to book in a service. If however your Air Conditioner will not operate and there are no error messages on the controller please give these simple steps a try before calling for a service.

  1. Make sure the power is on to the Air Conditioner at the circuit breaker and power isolator switch if fitted at the outdoor unit.
  2. Double check that the air conditioner is in the correct mode, either cooling mode for summer or heating mode for winter.
  3. Check that the filters are not blocked. Remove filters and clean with a gentle spray of the garden hose if dirty.
  4. Reset the electronics on your unit by switching off the power supply for one minute, this can be done at the outdoor unit power isolator switch if fitted or at the circuit breaker in your power board which should be clearly labeled as Air Conditioning.


In theory never! Your Air Conditioner has pipes that carry the gas in a continuous flow between your indoor and outdoor unit and all these parts should be completely sealed. This gas doesn't need to be renewed as it will not break down during normal operation. The only reason you will ever need a regas is if a leak develops somewhere due a broken part or poor pipe connection causing the loss of gas.


We pride ourselves in providing good value, our prices start from $150 depending on the type and location of the air conditioner. Give us a call to get the best price.

If a repair is necessary we will thoroughly explain the repairs required and provide you with a quote for the repair including all labour and parts.


We highly recommend checking your filters often and cleaning them as required. Servicing should be done at least once a year to ensure correct and efficient operation.

There are several components to your Air Conditioner that can actually fail and yet not stop the operation of your unit. Having these checked can save you from having a major repair bill in the future and keep your unit running efficiently.

When your air conditioner is in cooling mode it actually removes the moisture (water) from the air. We call this condensate water, and your air conditioner can produce anywhere from 20 - 75L a day of condensate water. To safely dispose of this condensate water a drainpipe is installed to carry it out of your home, however if it was poorly installed or has become blocked or damaged this can cause a leak.

The outdoor part of your Air conditioner will also produce this water during heating, this does not affect operation at all.


In the unlikely event that an error or fault occurs with your new Air Conditioner, simply give us a call. We can assist you with your warranty claim so your Air Conditioner is up and running as quickly as possible.

Warranties can be deemed void by the manufacturer if the installer was unlicenced or the installation was not carried out correctly. Your air conditioner also needs to be accessible and well maintained to ensure a smooth transaction should warranty service ever be required.