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World famous provider of superb air conditioning products

Fujitsu, in all Sydney locations, provide superb air conditioning solutions for both residential and commercial locations. They offer multi, split, ducted and other products that deliver terrific results, in different property locations, and in response to the unique air conditioning needs of our fairly extreme New South Wales climate. Our Bettmon team, have great experience with Fujitsu air con systems and can discuss the options with you, when you consider a replacement for your current system or are working on a DIY home project.

Fujitsu Air Conditioning Repairs

Fujitsu air con repairs completed by Bettmon


Our Bettmon team appreciates that, no matter your air con system, even Fujitsu, it’s highly likely, as time passes, that faults will develop, and spare parts will be needed to replace those that have exhausted themselves in the struggle against our extreme temperatures.

In such circumstances, it can be easy to hope that small faults magically disappear. Sadly, they often morph into more serious problems – leading to an unnecessary increase in repair costs. So, if your system is showing signs of wear and tear, or a specific problem, contact us as soon as possible.

Air Con Maintenance

Air con maintenance helps keep your Fujitsu system on top of its job

Having your Fujitsu air conditioning system serviced and maintained helps to avoid sudden problems, leading to excessive heat making your home or workplace an absolute misery until it is fixed.

A service professional from Bettmon will give your air con the loving care it deserves, whilst also checking for any small problems, often quickly dealt with during the service, that can avoid much more serious situations further down the line.

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Fujitsu Air Conditioning in Sydney for installation, repair or maintenance

Bettmon: the go-to Sydney source

Why do so many people choose Bettmonfor work in homes of all sizes, or offices, shops, public buildings, retail outlets, restaurants and other leisure venues right across Sydney? And why do they then recommend us to others, and offer glowing reviews? Many reasons, including these.

  • Two decades of experience
  • Comprehensive training for each member of our team who is a licensed electrician
  • Fully insured and Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) registered
    A team of HVAC installation, maintenance and repair professionals who provide a first class service
  • When you contact us, we respond quickly (we’re available 24/7). For a possible Fujitsu installation, we will fully inspect your property to appreciate just what is needed. For service or repair situations, we will talk you through exactly what needs to be done. Only then will we provide our highly competitive fixed price, extras-free quotation. Of course, this is undertaken with no obligation on your part
  • Give us the go-ahead, and our professional service commitment kicks in. This means we arrive when we say we will, or advice you of any traffic delays, and also clean up completely after our installation, maintenance or repair work is completed and tested. All our work is accompanied by excellent warranties

Fujitsu air con products needing serviced or repaired?

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