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Superb air con outcomes designed for our Australian climate

For well over a century, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has worked innovatively to deliver products for Sydney properties, which outlast expectations and outperform all others. Our Bettmon team well know that they fully appreciate the specific needs of our tough climate in NSW; and bring wide experience in a range of industries, including energy and the environment, to the development of superior air conditioning systems and products.

Their Mitsubishi split system, multi split, wall mounted and ducted air conditioners, are the products of choice for so many Australian houses and apartments. These, and other options, are also found in so many commercial, business, retail, leisure, health, education and other locations. If you are considering a Mitsubishi air conditioning system for your property, our highly experienced Bettmon team will take you through the options and be happy to discuss our stress-free installation services.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Con Repairs

Mitsubishi heavy industries air conditioning solutions delivered by dedicated Bettmon HVAC technicians


Bettmon professionals know that, no matter how good your Sydney Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air con system, as the years pass, it’s inevitable that parts will need to be replaced, or system faults corrected. When this happens in your Sydney location, you’d look for an established company, one that understands speed is of the essence when you are left to suffer the effects of our tough old climate.

Our team have extensive knowledge of so many air con systems and are available 24/7 when your need is urgent.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Con Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance provides a vital and regular system check

Should your Mitsubishi Heavy Industries system fail, Bettmon knows so well that this can cause serious problems in any Sydney commercial location, or be thoroughly irritating at home. This is why it makes sound sense to organise a regular maintenance and service visit to examine and fine tune your system. Tiny faults can be eradicated before they become major problems; and our Bettmon experts can ensure that you are getting the best out of your air con system – and in a cost-effective way.

We’re here for any service required for your Mitsubishi Heavy Industries system

From installation to repair or maintenance, the team here at our family-owned company, have the skills and experience to deliver top class outcomes. You’ll also find our rates are highly competitive. Incidentally, when we quote a price – that’s it. You won’t find any extras suddenly appearing at a later stage!

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More about Bettmon

When you make contact regarding an installation, we take the time to inspect your property and its system needs. Our two decades of experience working across Sydney helps us know of the specific climate and location requirements. For service or repairs, we aim to arrive quickly, work as professionally and unobtrusively as possible, and clean up completely before we leave.

All our work is accompanied by extensive warranties, and our quotes are obligation-free. With so much in the way of repeat business from satisfied customers – many of whom offer generous testimonials – we are also so pleased to be recommended to friends, other family members, work colleagues and neighbours. Check out our Google Reviews too!.

The HVAC team, here at Bettmon, are fully qualified electricians who undergo extensive training. We are registered with the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) and we are fully insured for all our installation and service work.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air con services from Bettmon.

Whatever your needs, simply complete our enquiry form and we will quickly respond.