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Heating or cooling your internal air as required

Sydney’s unique climate can lead to blisteringly hot days for most of the year; yet can be much cooler at times, and often seriously cold during evenings. So, this is why it’s worth giving serious consideration to installing a reverse cycle air con system.

This delivers superb cooling control when needed and excellent heating results when they are wanted. Reverse cycle means what it says; the refrigeration cycle is reversed as required – delivering two outcomes from a single system.

Reverse Cycle Air Con System

Reverse cycle air conditioning delivers the climate you want

Moving from normal air conditioning into heating mode, the indoor evaporator coil becomes a condenser coil to deliver heat. At the same time, the outdoor condenser becomes the evaporator, disposing of cold air. This system can also be tasked with both dehumidifying and filtering indoor air – a boon for anyone who suffers from asthma, allergies or any other respiratory problems.

Key thoughts when choosing your reverse cycle air conditioning system

There are a range of considerations when choosing this, or any other, air con and heating system. You might own either a residential property or be looking at air conditioning solutions for your commercial, educational, health, leisure, retail or other business premises.

The size, location, layout and uses of your property will all factor into your final decision. When you contact our Bettmon team, we will visit your location to fully inspect all areas and fully understand its air con needs. System features such as fan speed, thermostat controls, possible control modes, and the like can also be explained and discussed.

Reverse Cycle Cooling and Heating in Sydney

The Bettmon installation experience

After our detailed inspection – obligation-free of course, we will provide a detailed quotation. This features a highly competitive fixed price – no hidden extras with Bettmon – for your consideration. We can make recommendations from the industry-leading manufacturers, such as Kelvinator, Mitsubishi, Panasonic,LG, Daikin, Samsung, Actron, Fujitsu and others.

Should you ask us to go ahead, we will arrange an installation date that best suits your circumstances; aim to cause as little disruption as possible; and clean up thoroughly after your reverse cycle air con system has been expertly installed and fully tested.

An aircon with naked wirings

About Bettmon

As a family-owned business, with more than two decades of air conditioning expertise, all our installation work is accompanied by substantial warranties. Our experienced HVAC qualified technicians hold an electrician’s license and are extensively trained. As you would expect, we are both fully licensed and insured; and hold a key ARC registration.

Over the years, so many clients have repeatedly used our highly professional services – and have suggested us to colleagues, friends and families for their air con needs right across Sydney. You are also welcome to view our raft of testimonials or Google Reviews.

Looking at reverse cycle air con system options?

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