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Delivering cool summers and warm winters in your Sydney property

We know that our New South Wales climate can be changeable – to say the least. Having an air con system that can cope equally well with blistering hot summer days and bone-chilling winter nights is the perfect answer to dealing with such climactic variances. Our Bettmon team know how effectively split system air conditioning can deliver the results you’d want.

Whatever your needs, it’s best to discuss them with experienced experts, like our qualified air con installation technicians here at Bettmon.

Split System Air Con Sydney

How do split system air conditioners work?

The name offers an excellent starting point. The split system utilises a condenser placed outside the property, paired with a fan coil which is located inside. If heat is needed, the outside cool air is heated and released indoors; for cooling the reverse process occurs.

Why choose a split system air conditioner?

There are a variety of factors in favour of such a choice. These include:

  • Possible to use for individual or multiple rooms. One unit can provide hot or cold air for a series of rooms, each of which can enjoy individual temperature control
  • Wall-mounted split system air con is a thoroughly cost-effective desired temperature delivery system – and one that is less noisy than some other alternatives
  • No duct work is required for the property where this system is being installed
  • Systems with humidity and air filtering functions can regulate the air quality, reducing dust. This is a key consideration where people have allergies, asthma or other respiratory conditions
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Split System Installation

Why choose Bettmon?

With over twenty years of experience; and so many repeat customers or recommendations to neighbours, family, friends and work colleagues, our Bettmon team is as professional as you would ever expect and as personable as you would hope for. Here are some of the many key reasons clients have told us influenced their choice of Bettmon:

  • An obligation-free visit to your private or business location. This allows a careful inspection of the premises, from top to bottom
  • A detailed discussion of your possible air con options
  • Your free quotation will then offer an affordable fixed price for the split system air con installation that will work most effectively in your Sydney residential or commercial property
  • We never add those hidden extras or sudden surprises that others might
  • Our acclaimed work is completed with as little interruption to your life or business as possible and when it’s most convenient for you
  • All installations are backed by substantial warranties
  • The HVAC installers from Bettmon are always highly qualified licensed electricians
  • We provide extensive and on-going training – both in Australia and the US
  • Our chosen products are the names you would expect, such as Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Fujitsu, Kelvinator, Actron, and others
  • Bettmon is Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) registered and fully insured
  • Terrific testimonial comments and excellent Google Reviews

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